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Saturday, 18 October 2008


Name: Adam G but you can just call me Ad
AKA: Tower, IAmORlyTower, Ractus (the rat)
Birthday: January 16th
Age: 24
Location: Kingston Upon Hull, England
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Fav Anthro Artists: Charha, Silverfenrir, Taoren, RFTigermode, Decaf, Rackun, Grisser etc.
Fav Non-Anthro Artists: Patrick Fillion, J.C. Etheredge, FallenMessiahX, Jacob Mott, Humbuged, Chaz, Ismael Alvarez, etc.
Fav Books: World War Z (Max Brooks), Assassin (Shaun Hutson), Victims (Shaun Hutson), Creed (James Herbert), The Dark (James Herbert)
Fav Graphic Novels: Marvel comics mostly - X-Men, Spider-man, Iron Man etc. Circles, Heathen City.
Fav Movies: Saw 1&2, Iron Man, Dark Knight, Sin City etc.
Fav TV Shows: Heroes, Family Guy, Law & Order(s), Lost etc.
Fav Music: I am quite open about music but usually dance/techno.

Anything else you want to know, just ask.

What is Huzzah & Glitz?

Huzzah & glitz is a group name for my main twelve anthro characters. They first started off as characters in separate failed story projects but instead of just throwing them away, I joined them all together into one big project.

Huzzah & Glitz Characters

Ractus the rat.

Ractus was my first furry character.

I first came up with the name from a weird continuous dream. I could not choose a species for Ractus until one day, a friend of mine told me to stop being "ratty". Ractus the rat just sounded right and that is how my favourite rodent character was created.

There was a short period that I wanted Ractus to be a raven but that didn't work, so I changed him back to a rat.

I chose the cowboy theme when I was reading about Burlesque acts. Someone commented on an article about a man dressed up as a cowboy on a toy horse. I just found it comical.

Tower the Wolf

Tower is a recycled version of Mark Ramone (AKA Asepha). Mark originally had blue hair and golden eyes but when I came back to the furry fandom from a six month break '07, I remade him into Tower.

People have commented on how strange Tower's name is. That is because I could not find a suitable name for him, no matter how I tried. So I picked the first thing I saw which was a stuck out tarot card.

In the pic, Tower is standing with my favourite cocktail, Blue Lagoon. Some people dislike it and associated it with battery acid but it is a very good drink for cold nights, it warms the insides (or melts them).

Dustyin the raccoon.

Dustyin was first used in my fantasy story as a soldier that faught with Ractus and then he became a stripper in another story. Quite a promotion there.

He is did great things on stage, now he is doing awesome things on TV. *cough*

Dimitri the lion.

Dimitri was made to be a whore, nothing more, nothing less. He was made for a story when I was starting to look at fetishes. I stopped the story after I received a couple of hate e-mails.

Dimitri was originally blonde but I wanted to see what he looked like with black hair.

Fortuscue the dog.

Fortuscue was designed in the same story as Dimitri. He was a butler that had special "Master/Servant" privelleges.

"Tick Tock in Wonderland".

Anvil the bear.

Anvil has been in every story of mine. What can I say? I love bears <3

A table that craves for food? There goes the restaurants.

Brooklyn the badger.

I can't remember how I created Brooklyn. I think he was supposed to be a villain for Ractus... *shrug*

Here he is, the big party animal.

Kraven the snow leopard.

Kraven was originally to be a bat but I changed him cos some individuals in the furry fandom likes some species to be done in a specific way. I do not like bats with their wings attached to their arms, i like wings to be attached to their backs. Kraven the bat turned out to be headache and so I changed him.

Keep an eye on the birdy!

lange the fox.

Lange was originally to be a villain. He has two different coloured irises, left is red and right is blue.

His eyes does not usually glow like that, I thought it would look cos of the theme.

"Here is your future, oh wait, it's the adult channel *cough*".

Gus the griffin.

Griffin's are my favourite mythological creature ever. (Second is minotaurs)

Don't he realise he has wings? Why is he climbing rope? *shrug*

Andrei the panther. Andrei was another villain.

Now he is a rich one.. MONEH! *cough*

Revedian was originally a wolf but since we have already got one in H&G *tower waves* I changed him into a tiger.

"WTF is Adam G and how did he got my number???!"


That is Huzzah & Glitz, I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay tuned for more!

Thanks to Charha for drawing these awesome pics!



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