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Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Late Supper 1 & 2

These were inspired, more or less, from the last supper advert (above) for Folsom Street Fair '07.

Charha had a six character limit so we had to split Huzzah & Glitz into two pics.

From left to right we have, Dustyin the raccoon, Tower the wolf, Andrei the panther, Gus the griffin, Lange the fox, Dimitri the lion and finally on the table is guest character, Dragoneer the digimon.

I tried to think of ways of how they would interact with each other. I did not want the characters to just sit there and pose. I wanted it to seem like it was done as a photo taken in the midst of a party. A fun party with toys, fruit and hot guys!

So we have Tower teasing Dustyin with the whip, Andrei and Gus getting all snugly, Lange feeding Dimitri with fruit and dragoneer being hot and acting all sexy.

From Left to right, we have, Brooklyn the badger, Ractus the rat, Revedian the tiger, Anvil the bear, Fortuscue the dog, Kraven the snow leopard and finally on the table is guest character, Blaine Edan.

Charha wanted Late Supper 2 to have different scenery from the first one. So we added the naughty balloons, in all shapes and sizes. We added different toys in too. The most noticeable is the fist dildo. *grins*

Ractus gets threatened with a fist dildo by Brooklyn, Anvil and Revedian shares a banana, Fortuscue gets himself wet and sticky with a squirtable dildo and Kraven laughs at him. Oh and Blaine Edan becomes scrumptious with cream and cherry on top. *licks lips*

That's it, I hope you enjoyed these masterpieces.

Thanks for your awesome work Charha!

Blaine Edanhimself


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