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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Class Comics

We are an independent comic book publisher that has managed to capture the imagination of thousands of readers who have hungered for quality gay erotic comics since they first fantasized about the contents of Spider-Man’s tights.

While erotic, our comics focus on story, characters,cutting edge art and quality production! In addition to publishing our own in-house titles, we have a growing number of artists and writers that we love to work with.

Recently creators such as Logan, Zan Christensen, Mark Brill, Max’, HvH, François Peneaud, Carlos García and Ismael Alvarez have teamed up with us to further diversify the gay comic book fan’s reading choices. And we have more on the way!

Our title lines include Naked Justice, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Camili-Cat, Guardians of the Cube, The Initiation, Rainbow Country, Rapture, Deimos, The Pornomicon, Porky, In the Blink of an Eye, The Mark of Aeacus, Brother to Dragons and several Artist Portfolios.

Our comics are available directly through our website, as well as through your local GLBT bookstore and favorite comic book shop.

Ask for us by name... you’ll be glad you did!


Brother To Dragons
In The Blink Of An Eye
The Initiation
The Mark Of Aeacus
Rainbow Country
Tug Harder

©Class Comics

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