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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Class Comics - The Pornomicon

Logan weaves a sensuous spell with this incredible one-shot masterpiece that dares you to turn the pages further and engage the powers within.

An ancient manuscript known as the Pornomicon holds mysterious powers and the secrets of the ancient Gods of the Flesh. Many seek it, but most come to regret it!

Upon returning from a month-long crusade, a noble knight becomes possessed by the book's dark powers. Seeking help from his friend, Brother Carmichael, a Monk, the knight unwittingly unleashes a chain of raunchy and torrid events that will have repercussions for centuries to come.

Beware the powers of the Pornomicon, lest you should fall prey to its horny and lascivious powers.

Written by Logan.
Illustrated by Logan.

©Class Comics

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