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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Class Comics - Angelface

Two friends rob a jewellery store in London and lay their hands on a small fortune. After a wild night of lustfull celebrations, Red wakes up to find Alan (also called Angelface)has taken off with the loot! Not one to let his fortunes vanish, Red follows a steamy trail of clues to a ship headed to the States!

Meanwhile Allan screws his way across the ocean, but gets blackmailed by a ganster into working a mysterious con job. They transform him into a suave aristoract and he arives in Manhatten looking like a million bucks… but with a dangerous game ahead of him.

Angelface is a series set in an era of prohibition, swing, speak easies and loose morals! A fantastic journey that intertwines elegance with erotica no fan of Class Comics will want to be without.

Written and Illustrated by Benoît Prévot

©Class Comics

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