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Saturday, 25 October 2008


Anti-Heroes #1

Meet the hot, hung, horny, hard-bodied Anti-Heroes: Caleb, the cyborg powerhouse; Tai, the bulging brawler; and Zeke, the psychic gigolo! In this issue, the boys get caught up in a web of treachery and revenge when they kidnap Princess Toni for Bug and his cultish rebel group! And then, they must face the wrath of President Cassio in his powered-up, nigh omnipotent form!

Anti-Heroes #2

A tropical vacation turns into a spectacular martial-arts melee when Cattle and his hot hench-twins, Rock and Stone attack the Anti-Heroes! As Cattle and Tai's past is revealed, it becomes apparent that there was a little more to their relationship than just teacher and student! And then, learn why everyone wants to get their hands on the mysterious Dragon Nuts!

Anti-Heroes #3

They never thought it could happen, but it has! The Anti-Heroes get captured by the Bomb Squad-- a team of super-powered bounty hunters!, led by a woman called Parasite. Learn the true secret of Caleb's "baby's mother" and why she wants him dead! Will Caleb's awesome cybernetic power-suit be enough to escape? Find out in this, the first Anti-Heroes book with full pornographic nudity on more pages than just the pinups! And speaking of pinups-- there are twice as many as usual in this book, including some in mind-blowing 3D! 3D glasses included!

The first 50 orders get a FREE signed print!

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