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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Class Comics - Rapture

The Rapture series brings you self-contained stories that focus on further developing our character’s backgrounds and story lines.

They serve as either prequels or sequels to our existing books, and are a fun way for readers to further discover the history of our characters.

Rapture #1 starts with Locus chained up at Slime Lord Slavva Dabutt’s bar as a sex toy for patrons until Cam performs a daring rescue. Next Naked Justice must battle his most frigid foe to date... Icecap! The last story features a battle of demonic proportions without much clothing on! It’s a prequel to Deimos #0.

Rapture #2 opens with Naked Justice and Space Cadet going at it hot and heavy until they are interrupted by a creature that pushes his way into the action. The next story has Incubus on a mission to make Jon Dazy pay for the seduction of Diablo. Finally Locus is on the run! We meet Captain Jung and his crew of Flamer & Disco who have a hot time with their prey.

Written by Patrick Fillion.
Illustrated by Patrick Fillion and Friends.

©Class Comics

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