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Friday, 24 October 2008

Class Comics - Deimos

Deimos is not for the feint of heart! Taking its inspiration from the Dante’s inferno, the series recounts the tale of a fallen Angel become demon, who now seeks absolution for his sins.

It's not an easy road for Deimos, and it seems the forces of Hell will stop at nothing to keep him from reaching his goal!

But he is not alone in trying to achieve his heavenly pardon... there are those sent from Heaven to see to it that he gets there.

A mystic shaman of immeasurable power guides his demonic friend in the right direction and a guardian angel serve as liaison between Deimos and Heaven.

But is Deimos’ quest really the heart of the matter or is there a darker plot at work here?

Written by Patrick Fillion.
Book 0 Illustrated by Patrick Fillion.
Book 1 Illustrated by Logan.

©Class Comics

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