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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Class Comics - Tug Harder

Doug Arder AKA Tug Harder is an undercover photojournalist prepared to do whatever it takes to get the hottest unauthorized pictures he can. Of course he doesn’t realize how far his story will take him.

Secretly photographing his exploits, he screws his way through a farmyard of hard working men; drunks, ex-cons and college dropouts alike. But Hell hath no fury like a redneck scorned!

When the entire farm works out what is really happening the mob decides to take full advantage of what Tug is offering… until something truly unexpected happens.

Tug Harder is a feast for the eyes, illustrated with complete attention to detail and written with a blend of humor and erotica.

Written and Illustrated by Butch McLogic

©Class Comics

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