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Friday, 24 October 2008

Class Comics - Brother To Dragons

This wonderfully rich comic set in the middle ages brings you to a land never before visited like this. Whether you like twinks, bears or everything in between, this comic is for you.

When farmboy Alaï meets the bearish coachman Jiki, he doesn’t imagine there’ll be more to their time together than good, hot sex. Perhaps even hotter than times spent with his lithe cousin Rano.

But in this Middle Ages world where dragons are worshipped and sex between men has a divine aspect, everybody seems to have an agenda, including a mysterious Mage with sinister intent.

Get a glimpse of what life might have held for the rest of us in the Middle Ages if we had the courage to grab it by the horns!

Written by François Peneaud.
Illustrated by Carlos García.

©Class Comics

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