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Friday, 24 October 2008

Class Comics - Porky

Class Comics is proud to present the English translation of Logan’s smash-hit series “Porky” featuring a diverse all-male cast, amazingly hot and raunchy sex and captivating story.

Tag along on the adventures of Benjamin Foley, also called Porky! He lives in a small US town, but is destined for a very big adventure.

Not everything is as it seems with the guys he lures into unzipping their pants, and nothing ever goes according to plan. Is the foreboding stranger watching Porky’s every move tied into the prisoner that mysteriously vanishes?

In the second book bigger stories unfold around Porky’s father and very hot uncle. It’s clear that there will be plenty asked of our raunchy friend in the near future. With his outlook on life however, there is no question he can handle it.

Fans of larger guys and bears will love this series, but Porky has something for everyone, which is one of its primary strengths. The men are all beautiful and hung like donkeys! The sex is scorching hot in every detail.

Written by Logan.
Illustrated by Logan.

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